The Funds


Our PE Funds follow a simple but powerful guideline: connecting ideas, minds, and capital. Through the integration of this management principles in our funds, we aim to identify and enhance companies with high growth potential and best practices from an environmental and sustainability point of view.


Growth Fund


Safety and stability are some of the key points that turned Portugal into the perfect candidate for the rising demand from international investors aiming to diversify their portfolios.

The rise in demand intensified the need for superior quality projects with attractive target returns.

Growth fund was established with these investors in mind. Aiming to deliver high-quality projects developed in alliance with internationally recognized brands in the residential and hospitality sectors.


Golden VC Fund

Living and Leisure

Focused on the acquisition of assets for rehabilitation, as well as licensing, development, and construction for final delivery to investors, taking advantage of market opportunities.


Green fund

Food & Agriculture

With the global population expanding to 10 billion by 2050, households with mindful choices for plant-based and natural solutions, habits changing in Emerging Markets, meat plant-based food, vegan food, and other protein-based products are gaining market share in people’s diets.

These are just some of the global megatrends driven by Health, Economic and Social concerns, that lead us to explore opportunities in the agricultural sector mainly in producers and integrated supply chains

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Expansion Fund


Portugal offers unique opportunities in the hospitality sector. These opportunities were extended due to the global 2020 pandemic with attractive undervalued assets put under pressure with the end of government support and lenders’ moratorium periods coming to an end.

The fund aims to capture value from those high-margin opportunities and offer investors premium returns.